Fomento Crediticio Mexicano.

Financial solutions tailored to any project or investment!



We offer the investor and the funder an attractive return based on the type of funding with development banks and some other debt or investment mechanisms with a focus on social growth, development and sustainability. We look for alternative schemes differentiating ourselves from traditional banking and at the same time we look for them to have a positive impact on the generation of resources and local economic activation.

What sectors do we serve?

Real Estate
• Social interest
• Medium interest
• Retirement projects
• Medical sector
• Mixed developments
• Urbanization

• Import of petroleum products
• Replacement of CNG vehicle fleet
• Charging stations
• Alternative and renewable energies
• Hydrogen

• Social infrastructure
• Economic infrastructure
• Telecommunications for urban, sub-urban, marginalized and long-distance areas

• Credit to women entrepreneurs
• Credit to consulting companies

Product offer

  • Current account

  • Simple credit

  • Financial leasing

  • Pure lease

  • Discount

  • Financial factoring

Financing tailored to your needs with the greatest agility!


Our products

Current account credit

We make available a sum for liquidity needs or working capital.


Simple credit

We grant loans to companies for the purchase of fixed assets.


Financial leasing

We facilitate the use of tangible goods in exchange for a monthly payment.



Acquisition of different types of productive assets without the need to buy them.


Financial factoring

We solve your invoice collection requirements with great agility.


Our funding partners

We have funding sources with development banks in Mexico, development banks in the United States and private institutional investors.

'Our reason for being is to offer attractive financial conditions with innovative products tailored to our clients.’


What our financing offers

  • Add value by participating in all stages of development
  • Tailor-made suits according to customer needs
  • Agile response time
  • Credit history inquiry (Credit Circle)
  • Analysis of the client's payment capacity with real guarantees or project risk (Project finance)

Government Body

The FOCREMEX team is led by a board of directors, in charge of supervising the management of the company and the performance of the directors and relevant collaborators.

This governing body is in charge of supervising the management of the Company and the performance of the relevant directors, establishing the general business strategy, approving control policies and guidelines, following up on the main risks, monitoring compliance with the agreements of the Shareholders Assembly, as well as taking the necessary actions to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure a healthy Corporate Governance, among other things.


Our management team is made up of high-level professionals with extensive experience in different segments of the financial sector, which has played a key role in the implementation of the Company's business strategy, as well as its ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities. of business that have been presented and will be presented in the future.

Rubén López

Managing director

Iliana Sotomayor

Legal director

María Gómez

General director of real estate

Germán Corral

Director of infrastructure and energy


We seek to add value by breaking the schemes of traditional sofomes both in Mexico and the US.

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